Foam-less Bottling

BOEL Technologies: manufacturer of manual beer dispensing equipment

BOEL is one of the few manufacturers that creates unique equipment according to the clients demands and keeps improving it. The first development was the iTap dispensing system, which streamlined the bottling process in microbreweries and homebreweries.

Today BOEL is one of the most popular beer dispensing equipment brands. It can be used not only in craft breweries, but also in bars, restaurants, and draft beer shops.

iTap can be used not only for beer, but also for other foamy liquids: soda, kombucha, sparkling wine, cider, nitro coffee, soy sauce, etc.

It is appreciated for the simplicity and reliability of the equipment. BOEL products require close to no maintenance costs. Also, it’s versatile – iTap dispensers are used to fill any kind of glass bottles and growlers, PET bottles, and pints.

Foam-less Beer Equipment

BOEL’s list of current developments includes iTap line for homebreweries and iTap PRO for commercial craft breweries. Both lines provide brewers with professional bottling results for affordable price.

iTap Beer taps

For foam-less filling of beer and drinks in PET

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Beer taps
iTap PRO Growler Filler

For non-foamy filling of beer and drinks in glass bottles and cans

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Growler Filler
Bottling Kits

Everything you need for a professional bottling station

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To keep the work surface clean                          

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Professional bottling for every brewery

Fast and cost-effective

Thanks to the unique design, iTap can fill up to 60 bottles/hour, and iTap PRO up to 180 bottles/hour. The drainage losses are minimal, less than 1%: switching to iTap pays off after bottling just 1 keg of beer. Also, iTap is a long lasting, durable device with a simple maintenance routine and no down time.

Fits for business even during the pandemic

While people can’t or choose not to drink in a bar, beer takeout is a perfect solution to grow beer sales. All you need to convert a bar into a bottle shop is an iTap: fill bottles on demand, or in advance. The shelf life of beer bottled using an iTap is up to 12 months.

More than 6,000 businesses worldwide use BOEL equipment

iTap devices are used successfully all over the world, thanks to the network of official dealers.

We are constantly expanding and updating our product line according to the clients demands. We ask our customers for the feedback and bring their wishes to live.

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