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5500+ breweries and beer shops all over the world choose iTap


Fills any type of containers: glass and PET bottles, pints, jars and growlers


Quick foamless fill due to the absence of cartridges.


Ergonomic handle


It doesn’t break. You cut the expenses on spare parts and cartridges.


Regulation of the beverage supply speed


CO2 supply with a button


Option to install a customized handle


Cost optimization due to min drainage losses: switching from a beer gun to iTap pays off after bottling just 1 keg of beer

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Commercial breweries

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iTap is presented in 50+ countries

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«BOEL TECHNOLOGIES» produce iTap devices for quick foamless drinks dispensing since 2016

Thanks to own local manufacturing, we control the quality at every stage of production. The dealership network includes 70+ cities, which provides iTap sales on every continent.

Special prices for orders from 10 devices

Turn-key project creation for dispensing system in a bar. beer shop, restaurant

5 year warranty on iTap

Visual design project creation for a bar or beer shop with iTap

We provide marketing and help with traffic

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