iTap2 PRO

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A craft beer growler filler equipped with iTap2: you can pour 2 types of beer from the same tap.

  • Fills any glass bottles and growlers
  • Fits for bottles with various height and bottleneck
  • Counter pressure method keeps the beer taste and carbonation for up to 90-120 days
  • Protection from bottles explosion
  • Max capacity 180 bottles per hour
  • 1 year warranty service
  • Every device has a passport with serial number

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iTap2 PRO

A craft beer growler filler equiped with iTap 2: you can pour 2 types of beer from the same tap.

  • the model to fill 2 types of drink from the same tap
  • the drinks are separate, no mixing
  • no waste between switching the lines
  • saves space on the countertop
  • cost-effective solution to dispensing multiple drinks


Additional information

Brewing Equipment

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Customized handle for iTap and iTap X ! 

You can install any type of ceramic, wooden, metal handle on iTap by using a handle adapter. 

Make your iTap unique 🔥
BOEL Glass Rinser (washer) efficiently rinse a variety of dirty cups and glass containers. 
💧Rinse Residue Quickly
💧Suitable for different types of glasses
💧Easy Installation
💧High Quality Materials
Counter pressure bottle fillers
Keg coupler Type A (DSI cuff)
It is designed for leading brands including Guiness, Hoegarden, Pimms, Spaten, Warsteiner, Paulaner. 

In chrome and black chrome colors.
There’re plenty of reasons why our clients choose iTap:
1. iTap has clamp-locks for various bottle types: PET bottles, glass bottles (crown cap/short neck crown cap/ swing top/champaign bottles!) and we keep developing more options.
2. Affordable price and the quality/price ratio is impressive.
3. Minimal drainage losses (only 1%), no foaming.
4. Quick installation. Easy use: CO2 filling with a button, fast filling.
5. No cartridges or disposable parts.
6. Customizable design: you can install designer handles on the taps.
7. The beer bottled with iTap stays fresh and remains its initial flavor up to 90-120 days.
G-connector in action
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