iTap Crown [classic]


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Best selling model. Includes a clamp lock to fill crown cap bottles. Please try iTapX Crown.

A revolutionary device for drinks dispensing into glass bottles. 

ATTENTION: this set contains a clamp lock for crown cap bottles, you may want to purchase a clamp lock for swing-top bottles, champagne bottles, and glasses!

  • The counter pressure bottling method eliminates any contact between the beer and oxygen. As a result, your brew stays fresh and carbonated.
  • Easy & clean bottling: install the bottle, fill it, remove the bottle. No mess, no foam, no fuss.
  • Fast filling: you can fill and cap (the capping devices are not included) 50-60 bottles in 1 hour.
  • The quality/price ratio is impressive: you get a durable device with a 5-year warranty. It fits for both commercial breweries and homebrewers as well.
  • Minimal drainage losses (only 1%), no foaming.
  • Quick installation: even if you see an iTap for the first time, you can install it on your own in under 10 minutes. Easy use: CO2 filling with a button, fast filling.
  • No cartridges or disposable parts.
  • The drinks bottled with iTap stay fresh and remain their initial flavor for up to 90-120 days.
  • You can bottle any foamy drinks, including beer, cider, soda, etc.

iTap is a counter-pressure bottle filler. This set includes an attachment to fill standard long neck crown cap bottles.

iTap is designed for commercial use in bars, breweries, tap rooms, bottle shops, grocery stores and more. The counter-pressure method ensures a longer shelf life of bottled drinks compared to other methods. And your friends and clients will appreciate the taste of fresh craft drinks they can take home!

See the detailed drawing of a crown cap bottles standard that fit this device:

Here’s an example of such bottles.

You can use other bottles if the bottleneck dimensions are the same. 

If you’re using other bottle types, we can create a custom solution for you! Contact us and Boel Technologies engineers will make it.

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