Clamp-lock for champagne bottles


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A removable clamp-lock is designed for dispensing drinks into the champagne bottles, for iTap and iTap 2 devices.

Counter pressure bottle filler is essential ащк selling beer to go. And the removable clamp-lock is designed for dispensing drinks into the champagne bottles using iTap and iTap 2 devices.

Because of the convenient installation, you can quickly switch from one clamp-lock to another. Thanks to eliminating any contact with oxygen, the counter pressure bottle filler ensures the beer, cider or soft drinks stay carbonated. As a result, the drinks will stay fresh in the bottles and ready to enjoy! 

  • First of all, the clamp-lock fits all iTap devices
  • Lowers the costs on glass beer bottling equipment, since you can use the same tap various bottles
  • Allows to expand the product packaging options
  • Produced from high-quality food-grade materials
  • No disposable removable parts
  • Easy and convenient use of counter pressure bottle filler
  • Warranty service
  • The best ratio of price vs quality

Download the manual

Designed to use with iTap and iTap 2. As a result, you can maximize the bottling options just adding different clamp-locks to your counter pressure bottling system.

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